Wax Crayons

Materials used in production the wax crayons colors sold by us come from the American company Crayola, the world's no. 1 producer, a guarantor of quality in the field. Crayola selects ingredients to be non-toxic and safe for children and adults.
It is important to note that despite our efforts to produce safe and non-toxic materials, children should always be supervised while using these products to avoid any unwanted incidents.
Here are some of the properties of the materials used:
1. Non-toxic.. The materials used in production do not contain dangerous or toxic chemicals that can cause damage to human health.
2. Hypoallergenicity: The materials used are also formulated to minimize the risk of skin allergies or adverse skin contact reactions. This makes all wax pencils safe for most people, including those with sensitive skin.
3. Lack of strong smell: The materials used are usually formulated so that they do not have a strong or pungent smell. This makes using wax pencils more pleasant and comfortable.
4. Washability: Many Crayola products are easily washable from clothes or other surfaces, making cleanup simpler and less stressful for parents.
5. Resistance to breaking and melting: Creioanele cerate sunt concepute să reziste uzurii obișnuite și să nu se topească ușor în mâinile copiilor. Aceasta asigură o experiență de utilizare mai plăcută și mai durabilă.


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